Progress Over Politics


New Orleanians are fed up with the slow pace of recovery and our political leaders’ lack of vision. Many of the city’s best new ideas got their start in the Recovery sector, where creativity and innovative solutions drive progress. The recovery sector has succeeded largely without support from City Hall. A government that at best sits on the sidelines, at worst, is corrupt, does not fulfill its primary purpose: to serve the people. Politicians who willfully ignore social entrepreneurship and innovative neighborhood redevelopment in New Orleans ignore the passion their citizens feel to rebuild our city. Unless something changes in City Hall, the recovery effort is going to continue to hit a wall.

Many of us in the non-profit sector have realized that we can no longer sit on the sidelines. In order to complete our commitment to New Orleans recovery, we need a candidate who will listen to best practices in the city and around the country, admit mistakes when they happen, and make tough decisions.

The stakes are too high for indecision and status quo solutions. Our city demands action.

Your Input

Share your thoughts on the issues. We are starting with the four categories below. If you are concerned with preservation, recreation, literacy, transportation, tax credits, zoning ordinances, the environment, public health, public works (water, roads, sewage), parks and parkways, immigration issues, etc- please add comments where you see fit.